What time is the festival?

The festival will be rocking from 12:00 pm- 9:00 pm.

Can I bring in a backpack?

Yes, just don’t expect us to hold it for you.

Can I bring my kids?

Of course, this is a kid friendly event! Just be sure to stick with your kiddo. Head over to the R. House garage for movies, coloring, performers, and more!

What about my dog?

Sure, as long as she’s on a leash and is well behaved.

Can I bring outside food and drink?

No, we have all sorts of amazing options for you inside the festival. Empty water bottles are okay and we’ll have water stations so you can fill up.   

Where can I park?

The police lot located on the corner of 29th and Remington is your best bet. Be advised parking will be limited so DON’T DRIVE...walk your keister there, take an Uber or Lyft or ride your bike.

Okay, got it….I won’t drive. What about a drop off spot for Uber or Lyft?

Now you’re thinking! Get dropped off at the corner of 29th and Remington. The corner of 28th and Huntingdon is a good idea too. Or take the bus! Be advised bus service may be running on a slightly different route.

What if I lose something?

Have you looked for it….really? After you really look for it, check out the info tent to see if your missing item has been turned in.

Ouch, I got hurt!

Are we talking a broken heart or an actual physical pain? No worries, go see the EMTs located near the info tent. They’ll call you an ambulance if you need it.

What sort of food and grub do you all have?

Food listings can be found here and drink listings can be found here.

Tell me about the jams, I’m trying to get my dance on!

The music lineup can be found here.

Can I do anything other than eat, drink and dance?

We like where your head is at. The R. House parking lot will have FREE activities to keep you and your family moving. We’ll have tons of vendors selling all sorts of cool things on Remington Avenue as well. And don’t forget Mother’s Day is the day after Remfest, so be sure to do some shopping for mom.